#BubblesBesties Terms & Conditions

We would like to feature your content, including photos, comments and other materials that were shared or made public on Instagram and Twitter as User Content (collectively “content”) on the Bubbles Salons branded website and blog in accordance with these Terms of Use (“Terms”).

By engaging with Bubbles Salons and responding with #YestoBubbles to the message “We love your pic and would like to feature it on our site! Please reply with #YestoBubbles to agree" you agree to be bound by these Terms and grant permission to Creative Hairdressers, Inc. and Ratner Companies, L.C. (collectively, “Bubbles Salons”) for the upload, use, sharing and submission of your content on Bubbles Salons branded websites and blogs as such other uses described in these Terms and the Website Terms (hereinafter “submitted content”). If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, please do not use the Bubbles Salons created hashtag #YestoBubbles or otherwise engage with Bubbles Salons on Instagram.

When you submit content to Instagram or Twitter, your use of Instagram, Twitter and any other third party website or social media service is governed by the terms and conditions and privacy policies of those sites. In addition to your agreement to the Instagram Terms and Conditions and its privacy policy (“Instagram Terms”) and the Twitter Terms and Conditions and its privacy policy (“Twitter Terms”), you agree that any submitted content will be used in accordance with these Terms, the Bubbles Salons Website Terms and Conditions and privacy policy applicable to the Bubbles Salons website (“Website Terms”), which are incorporated herein. In case of a conflict between any provision of the Website Terms and any provision of these Terms, the provision of these Terms will apply. To the extent a term is not defined or referenced herein, it shall have the meaning set forth in the Website Terms.

By submitting content using a Bubbles Salons created or branded hashtag you agree that Bubbles Salons may contact you regarding your content. Bubbles Salons shall have the right to use any submitted content and shall have the right without limitation to edit, stylize, crop, digitize or alter such submitted content and use the same in accordance with the rights you grant under these Terms. Such submitted content is also considered “Submitted Content” as described in the Website Terms, and is further subject to all agreements, rights, etc. granted therein as to such “Submitted Content”.

Bubbles Salons is not obligated to provide you with any attribution or credit for the submitted content and will not be held liable for any failure to provide you with credit or for any errors in the same. You are responsible for complying with comply with all third-party terms and conditions for all third party sites including social media sites (e.g. Instagram and Twitter) as to the content and Bubbles Salons is not under any obligation to monitor or remove any content from Instagram or any other third party or social media site. While Bubbles Salons does not monitor all content please be aware that we may remove inappropriate content without notice.

You will retain ownership to your content including the copyright. You grant Bubbles Salons an irrevocable, nonexclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable and sublicensable license and right to use your submitted content on any Bubbles Salons branded website, blog, social media pages or any associated marketing materials for the Bubbles Salons brand, and such other permissions and rights pertaining to Submitted Content set forth in the Website Terms.

You hereby release Bubbles Salons harmless from any and all actions or claims of whatever kind or nature, arising out of or related to the use of any content (submitted content or otherwise) and use of the same in combination with your name, image and/or likeness. If you believe any materials infringe a copyright, you should provide Bubbles Salons with written notice in accordance with the DMCA notice procedure set forth in the Website Terms.

The Website Terms are located at: http://www.bubblessalons.com/privacy-terms.

The Instagram Terms are located at: http://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/# and http://instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/#.

The Twitter Terms are located at: https://www.twitter.com/tos and https://www.twitter.com/privacy.